Rohit Chopra


Over the past 2 Decades, ROHIT has been the leading Goa Prime’s Real Estate Family Office.

With hundreds of past transactions, He is a well-regarded Realtor and an industry innovator.

At goaprime.in He pioneered an innovative team approach to Goa Prime real estate. Buying, Selling, Leasing or doing a Joint Venture in Goa is a complex, sophisticated and often deeply personal and emotional endeavour. The client deserves the full service and attention that only a team of subject matter experts can only consistently provide.

Working with goaprime.in Team, clients have the personal attention traditionally associated with the client-advisor relationship improved by the professionalism and consistency of a thoughtful business model. And yes, superior results always follow!

On a personal note, He attributes his success not only to his passion for homes, but also to his intuition regarding the psychology of buying and selling. His clientele works in diverse industries with an emphasis on technology, finance, medicine, law, business and private equity players

His business has grown successfully and consistently thanks to the repeat business of happy clients and their introductions to friends, family and neighbours. This track record is only possible because goaprime.in Team delivers both results AND an enjoyable and delightful experience to their clients and their associates.

ROHIT graduated from Delhi University, and later earned a Law degree as well, to enhance his sales and marketing skills he did is PGDMA and worked for a few years with Airtel as Zonal Head for Goa Prime Channel Sales and Marketing Managing a turnover in access of 1000 crores per annum.

Rohit is an accomplished athlete, and enjoys gym’ing, eating, travelling, and spending time with his family and his close friends.

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