Rohit Chadha

Principal Advisor & Co-Founder

ROHIT is conscientious Realtor who exudes credibility, commitment and determination. ROHIT’s passion for real estate is apparent through his excellent communication skills and a warm and friendly approach. While working in the aviation, airlines and airports industry Overseas and India ROHIT nurtured extensive experience in varied fields such as aviation/airlines safety security operations and control, aviation forensic inspection, investigation and fraud prevention, customer relations, business development and administration.

ROHIT is driven by passion and takes pride in providing extremely best possible experience. He offers the complete package, including unparalleled personal service, strong negotiating skills, business insight, and determination for meeting the needs of the clients. ROHIT is energized and committed, with a strong work ethic that will guarantee the clients to achieve their goals. It’s this zest of his for excellence that has made him an excellent co-partner with NILESH in the leasing team

Rohit is a sports enthusiast and enjoys badminton, cricket, and long stroll in his free time he loves spending time with his family. Rohit also enjoys travelling, and spending time with his close friends.

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