Haresh Malaney

Member Advisory Board

As a Member of the Advisory Board of Goaprime.in and the CEO and Founder of Singapore Realty Solutions, I am committed to connecting people to properties with unparalleled expertise and integrity. With over 25 years of dedicated experience in the Singapore real estate market, I specialize in mid to luxury, and ultra luxury properties, having concluded transactions exceeding S$400 Million single-handedly.

*Key Attributes:*

1. *Extensive Market Knowledge:* I possess a profound understanding of the Singapore real estate landscape, particularly in the mid to luxury, and ultra luxury segments.

2. *Exceptional Service:* My commitment to honesty and integrity ensures that I deliver exceptional service to all clients, maintaining the highest standards throughout every transaction.

3. *Long-term Relationships:* Through nurturing long-term relationships, many of which are with repeat clients, I have developed a deep understanding of their needs and expectations, ensuring personalized and satisfactory outcomes.

4. *HNWI and UHNWI Clientele:* Catering to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI), I am trusted for unbiased and professional insights into real estate investments, earning the reputation of a trusted consultant and advisor.

5. *Expertise and Consultancy:* Recognized as an expert in real estate, my clients value my advisory role beyond traditional realtor services, seeking my guidance for strategic investment decisions.

6. *Client Retention and Referrals:* The satisfaction of my clients is evident in their loyalty and willingness to refer friends and relatives, attributing their positive experiences to my integrity, skills, and knowledge.

7. *Customized Financing Solutions:* I provide comprehensive information and recommend tailored financing options for residential properties, ensuring cost efficiency and suitability for each client’s unique circumstances.

Through Goaprime.in and Singapore Realty Solutions, I am dedicated to facilitating successful real estate ventures, characterized by trust, expertise, and personalized service.

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