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When it comes to the most picturesque destination filled with scenic beaches, thriving nightlife, vibrant nature and a hub for adventure sports, Goa takes the crown. Goa has always been a popular choice of destination for both domestic and international tourists. This “tiny emerald state” also boasts itself to be one of the most lucrative places in India to invest in property and businesses. This beautiful state has become a hotspot for NRIs, and famous film and sports celebrities to buy luxurious villas, invest their money in property and fetch higher returns on investments. Having premium accommodation in Goa has become an aspirational goal and a dream for many people. More and more people are willing to embrace the idea of having a luxurious property in Goa. 

Goa is blessed by nature in more ways than one. There is no shortage of spectacular natural beauty here, especially in north Goa. Potential buyers always look for calm and serene places to make their quality of life as comfortable as possible. Moreover, a clean, neat, pollution-free place is already attractive to many property investors. Therefore, it is entirely worth buying property in Goa.

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Now without any further ado, let’s explore the best places in Goa along with the amenities they offer to buy and own your luxurious house:

1) Candolim

Candolim is one of the most prominent and sought-after locations in North Goa. It is well known for its premium villas and deluxe apartments. Home to the famous Candolim beach, which is one of the massive beaches in Goa, makes it an ideal tourist attraction. One can enjoy many adventure sports and water sports here. Then there is the magnificent Aguada Fort, built under Portuguese rule during the 1600s. An impeccable fort is often on the bucket list of many visitors. This place is entirely safe and secure, with no power or water supply shortage. Moreover, it is more open than other towns. Candolim is an ideal location for buying a home. It has many eateries and fun places to shop, wine and dine. The time and distance from Candolim to Goa International Airport is approximately 1 hour (38.2 km) via NH 66.

A premium 3 BHK apartment can cost anywhere near Rs. 1.75 CR, whereas a luxurious villa can cost around Rs. 5.5 CR.

The essential amenities listed below are easy to find. It is a drive within a radius of 2 km:

Bosio Hospital – 4 min (1.3 km) via Aguada

 St. Cruz Chapel- 4 min (1.6 km) Bypass to Siquirem

Newton’s Supermarket- 3 min (700.0 m) via Aguada

Candolim market – 4 min (1.6 km) via Bypass to Siquirem

Dr. Gustavo Monterio Football Ground – 4 min (1.0 km) via Aguada

Hotel Novotel- 5 min (1.2 km) via Aguada

IDBI Bank – 5 min (1.3 km) via Siolim Road

2) Saligao

Located in the northern part of Goa, this delightful location is surrounded by many beautiful villages. Very much near Candolim, this place has a variety of areas to wander and explore. The spectacular Museum of Goa and Mae De Deus Church are bound to give you excellent and unique experiences. It is a delightful blend of the old and new. There is a plethora of options when it comes to restaurants, nightclubs and bustling markets. It is an ideal location to buy a villa with a swimming pool. The time and distance from Saligao to Goa International Airport is approximately one hour (38.2 km) via NH 66.

As far as luxury housing is concerned, a fully furnished 4 BHK villa with a private pool can cost you around Rs. 3 CR to 5.5 CR!

Drive around, and you will have the amenities within a radius of 5 km:

Club West End – 5 min (1.5 km) via Chogm Road

BOTL Upcycled Glassware (Gift Shop) – 2 min (500.0 m) via MDR 8

Saligao Medical Centre- 3 min (700 m) via MDR 8

Saligao Deck Restaurant – 1 min (110 m) 

Karma Namasthyatha Clinic – 9 min (4.2 km) via Chogm Road

3) Assagao

Assagao is a much more chilled and laid-back destination in Goa. It will soon be a centre for many startups and creative businesses. This place is well connected to sites like Vagator, Parra and Mapusa. With its colonial-themed architecture, this place is a true testament to the famous Portuguese style of architecture. If you are a fan of Portuguese architecture, this place is an ideal location for properties for sale. The water supply might sometimes be an issue, but water tanker facilities are available. The distance from Goa International Airport to Assagao is 1 hour and 6 min (42.3 km) via NH 66 through the drive.

If you want to buy a luxurious house, you may spend around Rs. 3CR to 4 CR.

Amenities you can avail by driving around within a short distance are:

Vagator Beach – 10 min (3.9 km) via Mapusa – Anjuna – Chapora Road

Cheshire Cat Jewelry Gallery – 9 min (4.4 km) via Anjuna Mapusa Road

Swan Yoga retreat – 5 min (2.1 km) via Anjuna Mapusa Road

Pereira Medicare & Research Centre – 6 min (2.6 km) via Anjuna Mapusa Road

Saturday Night Market – 11 min (4.4 km) via Aguada Road

DM’s College of Management Studies – 5 min (1.9 km) via Anjuna Mapusa Road

4) Anjuna

Anjuna used to be a relaxed and calm destination, but it is now becoming famous for its EDM (electronic dance music) parties and hip and youthful vibes. The sprawling markets in this town will fetch products from all around India. You can get everything from electronic gadgets to fresh fruits to jewellery. In addition, you have the famous Anjuna hills and beach for fun and recreational activities. Stroll around the famous Chapora Fort, The Dil Chahta Hai Fort. The Goa International Airport is a 1 hour and 10-minute drive away.

Is Anjuna an ideal location to buy a house in Goa? 

A premium 2 BHK apartment can be near 1.6 CR, whereas a 4 BHK private pool villa would be around 5.5 CR.

 Amenities available here are in a range of 6 KMs:

 Thalassa – 14 min (6.5 KM)

Gunpowder – 15 min (5.9 km) via Anjuna Mapusa Road

Olives, Vagator Beach – 7 min (2.2 km) via Vagator Beach Road

Anjuna Beach – 10 min (2.8 km) via Market Road

St. Michael’s Church – 9 min (3.1 km) via Anjuna Mapusa Road

5) Parra

Parra is another marvellous town in North Goa. It is close to Mapusa, Bastora and Assagao, making it a well-connected place. This place was known for its rich production of juicy watermelons, but now, it is a haven for many people from big cities. The architecture of churches and various other buildings have gables. Its architecture leaves traces of a “Pagoda-like” roof as wellParra is a friendly neighbourhood to buy a house in for your family. Here, most homes are connected with a 100% water supply barring a few. The Goa international airport is an hour’s drive away. 

Property such as 3, 4, and 5 BHK villas can cost you Rs. 4.35 CR to Rs. 7.23 CR.

Amenities to check around are: 

Taverna Miguel Restaurant – 3 min (1.1 km) via Calangute – Mapusa Road

St. Anne’s Church – 4 min (1.7 km) via St Anne’s Church Road

Saturday Night Market – 13 min (5.7 km) via Calangute – Mapusa Road

Baga Beach – 18 min (7.0 km) via Calangute – Mapusa Road

6) Palolem

If you are looking for a place in Goa that is not hustling and bustling with crowds, then Palolem might be an ideal destination. Situated in south Goa, this place is known for its calm waters and silent disco parties. Its beaches are contoured with eye-pleasing palm trees and face Canacona Island. You can find colourful wooden shacks on its shores. Palolem also has Galgibaga Beach, where you can spot turtles, and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, a haven for animals like boars and birds. Sounds magical to buy a house, right? The Goa International Airport is 1 hour 26 min (59.9 km) away via NH 66 

A 2 BHK deluxe apartment can cost around 1.45 CR. A 3 BHK apartment can cost you around 2 to 3 CR.

As far as amenities are concerned, you can find the following in Palolem:

Cafe Del Mar, Butterfly Beach – 5 min (1.5 km) via Palolem Down Street

Himalayan Therapeutic Studio – 4 min (1.1 km) via Palolem Down Street

Ruban Yoga and Ayurveda Village – 3 min (600.0 m) via Palolem Down Street 

7) Siolim

Siolim is untouched by the tourist crowd and is an ideal location to buy a house for retirement or investment. It is excellent for someone who wants to enjoy and relax. It is approximately 7 km from Mapusa and boasts a beautiful Chapora River. Siolim is home to significant chapels and Temples as well. However, due to the influx of immigrants, this place has seen a deterioration of its lofty hills and grasslands. It is a 1 hour 14 min drive from the Goa International Airport.

 A 2-3 BHK premium apartment can cost you around 1.75 CR to 3 CR.

Amenities to look around in Siolim are:

 Vision Multispecialty Hospital – 17 min (8.0 km) via Duler – Sodium – Siolim Road

 St. Anthony Church – 5 min (1.5 km) via Duler – Sodium – Siolim Road

Holy Cross High School – 5 min (2.3 km) via Duler – Sodium – Siolim Road

On-eateries, bars and beautiful marketplaces to shop nearby

8) Ponda

This charming town, also known as Fonda, is located in the district of North Goa. This place has earned the title of “Antruz Mahal” owing to its rich cultural heritage and the presence of various temples. Ponda is also famous for its lush paddy fields and wildlife sanctuaries. There is also a robust spice plantation here. The spice plantations can be traced back to Portuguese rule when they were trying to build a spice route market. The Goa International Airport is 47 min (28.9 km) via NH566 away. Ponda is connected to Vasco via Verna by the NH566. Does Ponda qualify as your ideal location to buy a house in Goa?

 In Ponda, a 4 BHK villa can cost you around 1.1 CR to 2.2 CR.

Here are the amenities you can find in Ponda:

Ponda Sub district Hospital – 5 min (1.5 km) via Market Rd/Ponda – Curti Road

The Shri Mangeshi Temple – 9 min (3.5 km) via Panaji Road

Shri Shanta Durga Temple – 10 min (3.4 km) via Panaji Road

Local markets for your daily needs 

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary – 27 min (16 km) 

9) Panaji

Goa’s capital city is located near the Mandovi River’s banks. This place has colourful and vibrant Portuguese-style villas, and streets are laid with cobblestone. Panaji is one of the ideal locations to buy properties in Goa. It is home to the Palm-fringed Miramar Beach, where the river and the Arabian Sea meet. The Portuguese style of architecture showcases the beautiful red-blue-green-yellow roofed buildings made in the Baroque style. Panaji is also famous for its carnival, which many tourists across the globe visit. The distance between Panaji and Goa International Airport is 39 min (28.7 km) via NH 66 and NH 366.

An independent villa at a premium location can cost you from Rs. 3 CR to 4 CR.

Amenities that you can quickly drive to are:

Goa state Museum – 8 min (2.5 km) via Fr. Agnelo Road

Altinho hill – 1 min (450.0 m) via DB Marg

Church of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception – 8 min (2.3 km) via Fr. Agnelo Rd

 Café Bodega – 1 min (450.0 m) via DB Marg

George Bar and Restaurant – 6 min (1.7 km) via Fr. Agnelo Road

Panaji also has many schools and colleges

10) Dona Paula

If you can’t secure a property in Panaji, the neighbouring Dona Paula is an equally good option. The only downside that can be a cause for concern is that it gets crowded with tourists, just like its brother city Panaji. However, during monsoon, it is less frequented by tourists. Dona Paula is named after a historical Portuguese Indian figure – Dona Paula Amaral Antónia de Souto Maior. This place is also famous for shooting Hindi films like Ek Duuje Ke Liye (1981), and a sequence of Rohit Shetty’s Singham was also shot here. Goa airport is 40 min away (30.2 km) via NH 66 and NH 366.

 A massive 5 BHK villa can make you spend Rs. 5 CR to 6.8 CR

Amenities you would find in Dona Paula are:

Dona Paula Beach – 3 min (450 m) via Hawaii Beach Road

Sea Pebble Restaurant & Bar – 1 min (57 m) via Jetty Road

National Institute of Oceanography – 8 min (600 m) via Jetty Road

The International Centre Goa- 7 min (3.4 km) via Dr E Borges Road

11) Colva

Colva sits along the seaside in the Salcete sub-district of the South Goa district. It is famous for its Colva beach, also known as Saxttichem Yead or the White Sand Beach. During the weekend, this place witnesses a heavy footfall of tourists, especially from India. This place has a tropical climate, with May being the hottest month to endure, while the winter season lasts for mid-December and February. You can enjoy Kayaking, Heritage walks, and Electric bike tours for an unforgettable experience. This place can be an excellent choice for buying beach property. Goa International airport is approximately 36 min (20.4 km) away via Dabolim – Cavelossim Road and NH 566.

As far as property rates are concerned, A 2 to 3 BHK house can cost you within the range of 1.1 CR to 2.3 CR.

Amenities you can find around are:

Madgoan Junction Railway Station – 9 min (3.3 km) via Margao – Quepem Road

Goa Chitra Museum – 8 min (3.7 km) via Colva Beach Road

Auxilium High School – 9 min (4.2 km) via Colva Beach Road

Manohar Parrikar Indoor Stadium – 17 min (7.6 km) via Colva Beach Road

12) Santa Cruz

In Portuguese, Santa Cruz means Holy cross. It is one of the biggest villages in Goa. It has a neighbouring village Merces which spreads from north to northeast of NH – 17. This village has a delightful market where locals shop for fresh fruits and veggies. There is also a small artificial lake called Bondava Lak/Bondvol Lake. If you wish to ditch the urban centres and retire in the quiet and calm of this village, then this place would make a wonderful second home for you. The distance from Santa Cruz to Goa Airport is 38 min (26.7 km) via NH 366 and NH 66.

A premium 3 BHK apartment in Santa Cruz can cost around 1 CR to 3 CR.

Amenities you drive your way to are:

Saint Thomas Mar Thomas Church – 3 min (1.1 km) via Old Highway Road

Santa Cruz Football Ground – 1 min (650.0 m) via Old Highway Road

Santa-Cruz Higher Secondary School – 1 min (200 m)

Urban Health Center – 1 min (190 m) via Pinto Road

JJ Supermarket- 1 min (300m) via Old Highway Road

13) Vasco Da Gama

Vasco, short for Vasco da Gama city, was founded in 1543. In 1961 this territory became a part of Independent India. This city has a Vasco da Gama railway station and a very busy Mormugao Port. It also has connectivity to Dabolim International Airport. Thus, this place is an ideal hub for tourists and merchants. It makes an incredible city to do business and invest in Goan property. The total time to reach Goa International Airport is 13 min (5.1 km) via Mangor Airport Road.

 Owning a villa in this city may incur an average cost of Rs. 3 CR.

Amenities that you can reach via drive: 

National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research- 12 min (6.4 km) via Mangor Airport Rd/Mangor Hill Road

The Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (BITS, Pilani) – 20 min (9.2 km) via NH566

MES’s College of Arts and Commerce – 16 min (7.9 km) via Mangor Airport Road

Dena Bank – 3 min (1 km) via F l Gomes Road

Daffodils Multispecialty Hospital – 2 min (700 m) via F l Gomes Road

14) Curchorem

 This fascinating town is located in the South district of Goa. The climate in Curchorem is bearable in summer and pleasant in winter. In summers (March-May), the temperature goes up to 32 °C; in winters, from December to February, it ranges from approximately 25°C to 20 °C. Its twin city is Sanvordem in the northern part. This divide is due to the flowing Zuari River, which divides Sanvordem north and Curchorem south. This place has a robust mining industry that contributes to Goa’s economy. 

A large section of the population is employed in the mining sector; if Curchorem sounds like your place to buy a luxurious house in Goa, then be ready to spend around Rs.2 CR to 2.4 CR. 

Amenities to be around are as follows:

Joy Bar and Restaurant – 2 min (950 m) via road

Government Polytechnic Curchorem – 5 min (1.9 km) via Sanguem Rd

Dhanughadi temple – 2 min (550 m) via road

Ghotmorod Chapel – 9 min via Quepem – Curchorem Road

After going through the above pointers, you may know where to buy a house in Goa and which location to buy a home. You can enjoy lavish living in the vicinity of nature. A wise property investment will always fetch you greater returns.

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